We build your pool or spa from the project.

We make your idea come true or help you design it
with the experience that consolidates us more than 15 years ago…

If you already have your pool we take care of everything,
maintaining water quality, maintaining
of hydraulics and the installation or repair of any
existing system on the market.


Skimmer system

• Traditional pool construction system.

• We design and build your pool with this filtration system where the water level will be below the top of the pool.

• The water will return to the treatment plant by the Skimmers installed on the edges of it.

Overflow System

• This overflow or infinity pool system maintains water quality in excellent condition as the waterline is constantly being renewed.

• The effect of water at ground level or overflowing by a waterfall is integrated into the architecture of your home.



Electric panels

Installation of electrical panel, new technologies allow us to control the filtering times and lighting of our pools from the mobile phone


Pump Installation

We replace your pool pump with a new one, we have more than 500 models in stock and we can make it urgent



We change your pool filter, we work with all brands and we have many models available for sand or glass



We replace the maintenance valve of your pool with automatic valves that will do for you the maneuvers that you program

Dosificador Cloro

Chlorine dispensers

We install your manual or electronic dispenser to maintain the quality of the water in your pool

Dosificador de PH

Ph feeders

We have dosing systems that once installed control the water levels in real time and add acid automatically

Dosificador Salina

Saline Electrolysis Systems

Convert your pool to salty water, forget about chlorine, pH, turbidity and enjoy your pool or spa with little maintenance work

Bomba de Calor

Heat pumps

We install the heat pump that your pool or spa needs so you can enjoy a bath all year round

Cubiertas Piscinas

Pool Covers

We install the manual or automatic cover to maintain the water temperature all year round


Waterfalls and jets of water

We install your waterfall or water games in your pool or spa, there are many possibilities to make the bathroom more enjoyable



We improve the quality of water in your home, extending the useful life of all ACS installations

Sistema Tratamiento

Water treatment systems

We make the water in your home drinkable with all the systems available on the market



Maintaining the water quality of your spa or swimming pool, regular visits throughout the year

Water quality

Quality control of the water in your home, hardness test and legionella control


We maintain and repair all installed equipment to ensure the proper functioning of your pool

servico Tecnico

Corrective maintenance of installed equipment.

• We study in each case the client's needs to make a budget that adjusts to the desired objectives.

• We carry out the work, whether it be the construction of your pool or the maintenance or repair of any element of it with our own qualified personnel.

• We have qualified engineers specialized in water treatment and current regulations to maintain your facilities for public use in accordance with the Law.

• We have behind us more than 20 years of experience working with swimming pools, hydraulic equipment, water quality, air conditioning and renewable energy.

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